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Whisky Water After

Whisky Water After After Shave Man-Splash The ultimate in post-shaving experience. Whiskey Water protects, tones and tightens pores while providing soothing comfort after shaving. Features: Grape seed extract provides nourishment to facial hair and skin. Benefits: Manly signature scent, and alleviates redness, razor bumps and irritation post shaving. Application: Spray on skin post shaving.

Gold Reserve

Gold Reserve – Luxury Shaving Cream and Beard Wash A smooth, clean shave is the mark of stylish man. Indulge your senses and treat your skin with our 24k gold luxury shave cream. Gold Reserve delivers anti-aging benefits to help you look better longer. Features: 24k Gold, Ginger Root, Sacha Inchi, and Vitamin E Benefits: […]

Detoxifying Man Bar

Detoxifying Man Bar Hunter1114 Detoxifying Man Bar uses bamboo charcoal to remove build up, tighten the skin and rid the hair and body of impurities. Features: Bamboo charcoal Benefits: Good for all skin types. Minimizes pores, removes dirt & build up, and magnet for impurities. Light clean scent.